Careers at Hopkins


Medical Information

All potential employees are required to undergo a medical evaluation to determine physical fitness, a pulmonary function test to check lung capacity and monitor for any medical conditions – workers are exposed to respirable silica and dust particulates – as well as an audiometric test for exposure to excess noise.

For more information, please contact our office at 1-888-784-4400


Additional Qualifications 

Able to work cooperatively with supervisors and co-workers, as well as independently.

Will be required to assist the work crew with labouring duties/crusher maintenance at the work site and/or be able to relieve other positions, when trained.

Understand and use hand signals, radio communications and safety devices on equipment.

Able to cope in outdoor work environments due to changes in environmental conditions.

Job Location and Work Environment

Camp Job/Gravel Pits – various locations throughout the province. Meals and accom-modations supplied. Anyone who does not stay in camp will be responsible for their own accommodations

Outdoors, rough terrain – must be able to walk on uneven ground and carry out tasks under unpredictable outdoor conditions.

Exposure to noise, respirable silica (quartz) and dust particulates. PPE needs to be worn at all times.


Shift work – Typical shift rotations are 10 days on/4 days off OR 5 days on/2 days off.

Work hours – 12 hour shifts, 60 hours per week.